"Our smiles are real….

       Our warmth is genuine….

Our care and service

       is impeccable…" 

Ron & Valeri Glauser
Fred & Mindy Weber



   Two Families 

       One Passion


             Phone (208) 664-6116


Refresh & Revive

A morning or evening stroll through our sprawling lawns and gardens is a sublime experience. Emulating the countryside of a village in Northern France, our landscaping is a delight for the eyes and is filled with the aroma of pine, herb and lavender.  Our grounds are conveniently adjacent to The Prairie – Walking and Biking trail.  Trail riders and joggers frequently wave as they pass by and we never cease to enjoy watching the parade of neighborhood doggies and their proud owners. 

Want to relax in a more tranquil and private setting?  

ENJOY our impressive inner courtyard area featuring rock water features, shady pergolas and comfy outdoor lounge chairs.  With each home’s back patio sporting bistro tables and colorful umbrellas, the courtyard is truly a welcome refuge from life’s hectic pace. 

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